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It is estimated that over 3 million men in the United States suffer with erectile dysfunction and it is reported that over 25 million women suffer from urinary incontinence.  Our clinician is trained and certified for the male P shot and the female O shot.  The P and the O shot utilizes blood drawn from the patient that is centrifuged and then reintroduced into the genital area via injections to help stimulate restoring or replacing of old or defective cells in the region.  This can help to restore function naturally and without the risk of rejection or adverse effects.  The P and the O shot are great alternatives to prescription medicine or even surgery to help alleviate functional dysfunction associated with ED or urinary incontinence.   Patients that have experienced the P and the O shot have reported the following benefits:

Male P Shot

Increased Blood Flow

Strengthen Erections

Increased Girth(up to an inch)

Increased Sexual Stamina


Female O Shot

Decreased Bladder Leakage

Decrease in symptoms of dyspareunia(relief from painful intercourse)

Increase in libido

Increase and enhancing orgasms




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