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Now offering Herbal Medicine!
Herbal Medicine consists of remedies made from plants that may be consumed or applied to the skin in the form of teas, tinctures, powders, capsules, fomentations, or even liniments from someone who has studied the medicinal and therapeutic use of plants regarding their ability to bring ones body into balance. Plants have been used throughout history for varying ailments and are key to any healing journey. The use of herbs to address health concerns was the standard practice for centuries due to food being used as medicine; however, the use of herbs is becoming more mainstream again as improvements in analysis and quality control coupled with advances in clinical research showing the value of herbal medicine in addressing and preventing dis-ease.
Here at LV Holistic Health, Carmen Adams, Registered Herbalist(AHG) and CHN of Innergy Medical Group, herbal remedy suggestions are often based on Western diagnostic tools such as varying lab findings, the patients’ chief  complaints, the patients’ health history, and their current dietary guidelines.

What Patients Can Expect

Carmen Adams, RH(AHG) & CHN may  recommend an herbal remedy in the course of a consultation for a specific health related complaint or to address whole health from a holistic approach. According to the American Herbalist Guild, herbalists can practice either as primary health care providers or adjunctive health care consultants. The American Herbalists Guild also explains that most visits to an herbalist begin with a consultation about your past and current health history, your dietary and lifestyle practices, or varying factors related to your health related concern. The herbalist, with your involvement in implementing said changes, should develop an integrated herbal program that addresses your specific health needs and concerns.
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