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Functional Medicine views us all as being different; genetically and biochemically unique. Functional Medicine is an investigation into the patient’s biological, genetic and environmental constitution. Functional Medicine uses traditional blood labs as well as extensive blood panels, respiratory lab testing, saliva, hair, urine, and galvanic skin testing to determine the root cause of why the body is malfunctioning or in distress.

What to Expect With Functional Medicine

At LV Holistic Health we have a unique approach when working with patients. Your first visit to LVHH, Dr. Canada will spend approximately an hour with a patient to ask questions and to seek clarification about the patient’s history. One major complaint from patients is that their doctor doesn’t listen to them. With functional medicine we want to get an accurate picture of the patient’s health history. The intake paperwork for our patients is extensive. We ask that patient’s gather all their previous labs and tests in order to see what testing has already been done. This potentially eliminates the possibility of “recreating the wheel” with ordering unnecessary testing. Dr. Canada will then order whatever testing she concludes will be appropriate for the patient.

The second office visit will be approximately 2 weeks after the initial consult. Dr. Canada formulates a treatment plan based on her interpretation of the medical history, physical exam and lab results. Dr. Canada will present the patient’s differential diagnoses and her recommended treatment plan for the patient. The treatment plan can include but not limited to: IV therapy, exosome or stem cell infusions, oxygen saturation therapy, PEMF technology, detoxifying regiments, supplements, nutritional counseling, Acuscope technology, lymphatic massage, herb recommendations or additional services from any of our selected wellness partners.

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