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Primary Care

PA-C David Kotlarsky is a patient caring practitioner that has extensive experience in an urgent care setting.  PA Kotlarsky will address the immediate needs for medical treatment for non-life threatening acute illnesses.   David understand the importance of getting patients in on a timely bases when dealing with conditions such as infections, respiratory distress, flu-like symptoms and urinary tract infections.  These conditions need to be addressed quickly instead of 5-6 weeks from the time they first occur.

In addition to acute illness, PA-C Kotlarsky addresses chronic disease such as high cholesterol, diabetes and hypertension.  David attributes his success to truly listening to the patient’s needs and takes time to individualize a treatment plan once a diagnosis has been established.  David will continue to tailor a regiment  that will optimize the patient’s ability to control or even eliminate the condition.

PA David Kotlarsky

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PA David Kotlarsky

PA Kotlarsky utilizes his years of experience to manage care for chronic conditions such as diabetes and hypertension or to address patient’s immediate health concerns for acute conditions such as the flu or strep throat.

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