List of Fees

Primary Care Office Visit

Office Visit                                            $75 for self pay*

We do accept Medicare and most United Health Care plans.

*This cost is for the office visit only and does not include any laboratory or procedural fees.

Regenerative Medicine

Knees and Shoulders                         $2,900

Wrist, Elbows, Feet, Toes, Fingers $1,900

Sexual Wellness Therapy

Female O shot                                    $995

Male P shot                                        $1,200

IV Therapy

NAD Drip

  • Wellness or Antiaging:                       5ML (2-3 hour drip)  $350 or a package of 4 for $1,000
  • Chronic Disease or Autoimmune:   10ML(4-6 hour drip)  $600 or a package of 4 for $2,000

Quench Rehydrate:                            $135 for a single drip or a package of 4 for $480

Myer’s Cocktail                                   $170 for a single drip or a package of 4 for $600

Energized Metabolism                      $120 for a single drip or a package of 4 for $420

Gut Health                                          $135 for a single drip or a package of 4 for $480

*Add a glutathione push to any IV drip for $40 or two glutathione pushes for $70

Functional Medicine

Free Consultation-Call our office today to make your appointment.


New patient $150

Established Patient $50

We do accept most United Health Care plans and Medicare plans.


$150.00 –      30 Minutes


$125 – 1 Hr.   Package of 10 for $1,000

Massage with Shari 

$59.00 – 1 Hr. Lomi Lomi

Lympathic massage with Shari 

$120 for 1.5 hours                       

Mindful Meditation coaching 

$90.00 – 1 Hr.


5 zones – full body                            $399

2 zones  (any two chosen)              $250

1 zones or breast thermography    $175

Zone 1            Head—–Head and neck

Zone 2            Chest—–(including head/neck for oral systemic links and breast tissue

Zone 3            Abdomen —–including kidneys and reproductive area & hips

Zone 4           Full spine——Including neck to tailbone coccyx area and buttocks

Zone 5           Upper extremities (including shoulders/elbow/wrist/hands front and backside)

Zone 6          Lower extremities (including legs/thighs/knees/chins/feet-top and bottom)


Face Only $1,200

Face, Neck and Decollete   $1,800

Hair Restoration $2,400


$125 per visit

Pack of 5 for $500

Wendy Nikkel Massage Prices 

60 minute/$90  90 min/$125