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Raechel Cable

Vitanya Brain Performance Centers

Raechel is a Brain Performance Coach and represents Vitanya Brain Performance Centers. Vitanya offers non-invasive and drug free programs that are designed to help the brain repair broken circuitry and develop healthy new neuropathways. Vitanya works with veterans, first responders, mental health professionals, recovery centers and foundations as a model for corporate and individual performance optimization.

Discover your neural strengths and weaknesses. Activate your brain. Optimize your performance.
Advancements in science and new technology, have provided significant insight about the vital healing power of the brain. The human brain is capable of changing continuously throughout life, in response to everything we do and experience. Explore brain balancing and brain fitness as new way to improve your health and stress resiliency.

Pricing: Free One Hour Neuro-Insight Session – Call Today 702-763-3151


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