Dr. Priya Ghayal, PT, DPT, MBA

Dr. Priya Ghayal, PT, DPT, MBAPhysical Therapist

Dr. Priya Ghayal, PT, DPT, MBA is a Chicago native who graduated from Marquette University
in 2015 with her Doctorate in Physical Therapy. She has since concentrated on neurologic,
orthopedic, and cardiopulmonary physical therapy to treat the root cause of patients’ physiologic
problems. She confidently utilizes biomechanical and neurologic assessments to help individuals
rehabilitate following a stroke, traumatic brain injury, and other debilitating conditions.

Dr. Priya believes that patient education is the key to effective treatment and the catalyst to
superior outcomes. She has taken many continuing education courses all over the nation to
receive certifications in Dementia Care, Electrotherapy, Bioness L300, Comprehensive
Approaches to Aging Confidently with a detailed focus on Geriatric Posture, Core, and Balance.

Several experiences have given Dr. Priya a distinctive and colorful array of qualifications that
enhance her ability to optimize outcomes for each and every patient. Her clinical experience
varies across a spectrum of inpatient acute rehab, subacute rehab, outpatient care, long-term care,
and home health therapy.

In addition to the above accomplishments, Dr. Priya earned her Master’s in Business
Administration from Union University in 2020. With an advanced business management degree,
Dr. Priya has proven to be a versatile leader by delivering bold performance in an everchanging
global healthcare market. She has served as the Director of Rehabilitation Services in a 200-bed
Assisted Living/Independent Living Facility in Jackson, Tennessee. As DOR, she ensured
quality outcomes by leading through an evolving, modern healthcare system by providing
comprehensive care and exceptional quality outcomes to patients with stroke, brain injury,
neurologic disorders, amputation, spinal cord injury, Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, and
many more complex diagnoses. These clinical experiences have allowed her to gain the
necessary skills to become a well-rounded, independent practitioner who can provide exceptional
care to all patients.

Throughout her time in Physical Therapy, Dr. Priya has always focused on the needs of the
patient, designing customized regimens that conformed to a patient’s comfort level and desired
results. She continuously embraces the concept of evidence-based medicine. In treating physical
therapy patients, she draws upon current research to incorporate scientifically validated methods
into her daily practice.

These accomplishments are a testament to her tireless pursuit of excellence in the field of
Physical Therapy. As a DPT previously licensed in Illinois and currently licensed in Nevada and
Tennessee, Dr. Priya has risen the ranks to one of the most respected physical therapists in West
Tennessee. She believes non-surgical management with a conservative, holistic approach to
chronic pain, neurologic deficits, and musculoskeletal conditions is key in returning individuals
back to a healthy lifestyle.

Acute Conditions Chronic Conditions
Fracture, sprain, or strain from an auto accident or
sports injury
Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis, Rheumatoid
Acute pain from a herniated disc, compressed
nerves, or sciatica
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Traumatic brain injury Obesity
Stroke Stroke
Heart attack Generalized weakness
Pneumonia/ Respiratory dysfunction Low back pain/ Chronic pain syndrome
Guillain-Barré Syndrome Parkinson’s Disease
Spinal Cord Injury Multiple Sclerosis
Amputation Cardiac failure