CARMEN ADAMS - LV Holistic Health

CARMEN ADAMS, RH, AHGRegistered Herbalist & Cerfified Holistic Nutritionist

As a Registered Herbalist-(RH,AHG), Certified Holistic Nutritionist, and Iridologist, Carmen specializes in Advanced Clinical Nutrition with a concentration in Medicinal Herbalism. She has a distinct interest in educating patients about topics including but not limited to;

● Safe Detox and Cleansing Techniques
● Stroke & Hypertension – Prevention and Recovery
● Digestive Wellness
● Diabetes Management
● Skin Conditions – Psoriasis & Eczema
● Chronic Fatigue &
● Senior Wellness Care

She has been in private practice for over eight years and her current practice is INNERGY MEDICAL GROUP where she provides in-person and virtual appointment options in at a satellite office location within LV Holistic Health.

Through independent research, formal education, personal experience, and professional experience, she is able to teach others about natural methods that will bring one’s body back into balance and assist them in the same capacity as a medical professional. Carmen believes that nutrition is the centerpiece of addressing health concerns whether you want to increase your energy, prevent/reverse chronic conditions, lose weight, or simply eat better. Carmen has helped thousands of individuals achieve and sustain their goals.

Carmen provides her patient’s with in depth information and simplistic protocols that will assist them in restoring wholeness into their life. She is qualified to introduce solutions that are tailor made for her patient’s individual needs and ensures that they are implementing the proper strategies that will assist them with regaining balance in their lives by utilizing various diagnostic tools such as thorough health history taking and laboratory testing including but not limited to;

● Conventional / Standard Blood Work
● Variety of Specialty labs such as Food Allergy Panels & MicroNutrient Testing.

After dealing with a diverse amount of various health issues in her own life, she became her first client. Being naturally drawn to holistic solutions, she began to greatly improve the quality of her own life using this approach. As she expanded her own personal experience and began to assist those around her who were suffering from different ailments and disease, she followed this path and many years later, have numerous patient testimonials about the effectiveness of her assistance. Carmen is currently pursuing her doctorate in Clinical Nutrition.


Carmen Adams makes sure all of our new patients feel welcome, safe, and taken care of during their first visit. She will review your medical history with you and from there, various diagnostic tools are used or scheduled to formulate an alternative protocol.

For a shorter time in the waiting room, please fill out the New Patient Form(s) prior to your scheduled appointment via the Online Patient Portal or print, fill out and fax to 888-332-0295. If you do not send your completed forms prior to your appointment, be sure to bring them WITH YOU already completed at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. If you are unable to fill out your paperwork prior to your scheduled appointment, please arrive 45 minutes early so that you can fill out the necessary forms.


Your First Visit is up to 90 minutes in length. Carmen will review your health history from childhood to now in order to provide a clear picture of any root causes by assessing your responses from a Holistic Health approach.

Please bring all recent labs and or medical records you have on hand. If you do not have medical records on hand, please notate the medical facilities that will have those records so that we can request them as soon as possible.