Kaqun Water was coined using existing empirical research about oxygen discovered by Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Otto H. Warburg. He discovered that cancer cells cannot survive in high oxygen levels. This discovery sparked Kaqun CEO Dr. Robert Lyons’ previous and ongoing research in how hypoxia, the lack of oxygen in the cellular level of the body, causes numerous diseases and sicknesses. After discovering how important oxygen really is to the immune system, he created an efficient process to get more oxygen to the cellular level of the body.

Kaqun Water is a highly oxygenated water that helps decrease hypoxia. As we know, oxygen is essential to all bodily functions. The body can only survive a few minutes without oxygen and approximately 90% of our body’s energy is generated by oxygen. Breathing alone usually cannot give our body the amount of oxygen it needs to operate at its maximum potential.  The process of getting oxygen we breathe to the cellular level is long, and much of the oxygen is lost before it reaches it. Kaqun Water is unique because has been proven to produce a measurable increase in cellular oxygen levels immediately. As hypoxia decreases, the body is able to cure itself using its normal functions. The immune system will be able to operate at its maximum potential naturally.

Kaqun is unique from other oxygenated water because oxygen is not pumped into the water. Kaqun is produced through a proprietary process where oxygen exists in a stable, bound form that can be easily harnessed by the body. Many who have experienced consistent Kaqun Water Therapy have repeatedly celebrated their results to have: reduced side effects of chemo and radiation therapies, significantly reduced healing time of wounds and injuries, minimized and/or healed chronic skin conditions, enhanced skin texture and radiance, reducing signs of aging, and maximized effects/results of athletic work-outs/competitions. Kaqun Water is a great method for preventative measures as well.

Kaqun is available in three forms: Kaqun Drinking Water, Kaqun Water Therapy, and Natural Kaqun Gel. Kaqun Water Therapy and Kaqun Drinking Water are great for reducing Hypoxia. The water used for Kaqun Water Therapy is slightly different from the bottled water. For maximum efficiency, both should be done together. Both Natural and Gold Kaqun Gel are intended for cosmetic purposes by being applied topically to tackle hypoxia in localized areas.

Recent research by Dr. Robert Lyons has also found that Hyperbaric Chamber Therapy paired with Kaqun Water Therapy is another great tool at battling hypoxia. Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment is an established oxygen treatment that increases the oxygen levels in your body. It is an enclosed “capsule” in which clients are laying down while breathing in oxygen directly through a mask. After leaving the chamber, the oxygen immediately begins to leave your body. However, if you drink 1-2 cups of Kaqun Drinking Water within four minutes of exiting the chamber, your oxygen levels stay risen for hours! This is a new finding in Kaqun research, which prompted Kaqun to have their own chamber in the Las Vegas spa!

Due to an unfortunate train accident, I lost a large amount of skin and flesh on the right side of my body and hip area. The doctors were concerned that they would have to amputate my leg due to the extensive damage and the high risk of infection. My doctor recommended the Kaqun baths. I took the baths three times a day, and the water began to heal the damaged area. I was so happy that my leg was not going to be amputated. My family needed me. I would like to thank the Kaqun staff.

-42 years

I was born with skin problems and for a long time we thought it was an untreatable genetic problem. One of my friends recommended that I take the Kaqun baths. I had nothing to lose.  So I thought I [would] try it. I went through a 14-day bath treatment and happily saw significant improvements. After so many years of struggles, something finally helped my skin problems! Since then, I completed more bath treatments and I cannot imagine my life without Kaqun Water. I am grateful for the help.”

– 28 years

I accidentally scalded myself at home. I [burnt] my upper body and my arms My mother has been a member of the Kaqun club [Member], so we immediately went to start bath therapy. It was scary at first, because I had the burn injuries. I was pleasantly surprised that after just a few sessions in the Kaqun bath my burns have shown great improvement. I will forever be grateful for Kaqun, because I don’t have to live with my ugly scars.

-34 years

Our greatest dream was to have a baby. I finally got pregnant, but my blood results were troubling and were afraid we were going to lose our long-awaited baby. A friend of mine suggested that I try the Kaqun baths. I started to take bath treatments and my blood results started improving. I was drinking the water and taking the baths throughout my pregnancy. Now I am a proud mother of a beautiful six-year-old, healthy little girl. Since then we take the Kaqun baths and drink the Kaqun Water together. Thank you Kaqun.

-32 years

I am an athlete and unfortunately I broke my collarbone. My doctor told me I couldn’t play for months. One of my teammates suggested that I try the Kaqun baths. Originally, my estimated recovery time would have been 4-6 months, but my recovery was reduced by half as a result of taking the Kaqun baths. Since then, I take the baths regularly and drink the water. Thanks Kaqun Team.

-30 years

Kaqun opened its first US location in 2016 right here in Las Vegas! Kaqun Las Vegas is a 16-bath facility, where you can engage in Kaqun Water Therapy, or purchase Kaqun products. It is currently located on Rainbow and Shelbourne and is open 7 days a week from 8:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. You can visit their website at www.kaqunlv.com or email vegas-spa@kaqun.eu for more information.