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Amanda Garcia

I had some serious knee pain for awhile and wasn’t sure if it would ever go away, saw Dr. Nicole for my adjustment and have had no knee pain since.  She was seriously very welcoming and amazing! Definitely recommend LV Holistic Health

Kathalene Anne

Dr. Nicole, is amazing at her craft of snapping bones (chiropractic). She has manipulated parts that I was unaware could be popped. You got an ache 😖 or pain, skeletal or joint related? She can fix you right up.

Tiffany Mowgli Ann
This is one of the best chiropractors in Las Vegas. Has helped me with internal issues as well as chiropractic needs and emotional trauma. Very caring and one of the best in Las Vegas. Would highly recommend her for new age type of medicine!
AnJaneen Simenson
Tuesday was major migraine day from the weather change. Wednesday I had chiropractic appointment scheduled. I had a lingering headache. I didn’t take medication to see if Dr. Nicole could work magic. She likes headache cases.
My hips were out of balance, ribs were out of place causing pain, and my neck! Wow! My neck! One vertebra was to the left, the next was to the right and the next was back to the left.
I entered the office in a headache hangover. Not myself, which is very common after a major migraine. I was in pain. Without my appointment, I would have taken my “big” medication, Zomig. Since I had my appointment, I decided to wait on medication.
I had an adjustment from Dr. Nicole and I IMMEDIATELY felt relief! My friend who drove me could see the change in my personality. I had pep in my step again. I was back to myself, instantly!
Dr. Nicole is amazing! I had no idea I could receive this type of migraine benefits from chiropractic care!