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NAD IV Therapy

NAD Therapy is a revolutionary intravenous therapy that replenishes NAD amounts in the body.  NAD is a coenzyme that diminishes by 50% in our bodies by middle age.  If a person’s lifestyle(recreational/pharmaceutical drugs, environmental exposure etc.) has exposed them to toxic overload then the body is probably extremely deficient in NAD supplies.  NAD is a vital coenzyme that is called the “anti-aging” coenzyme.  If NAD stores are low then our physical bodies are aging at a more rapid rate then our biological age.

Our NAD treatments restore NAD levels that can dramatically restore energy levels which allows the body to detox appropriately.  It is theorized that many autoimmune disorders and degenerative disease are a direct result of toxic overload.  This is why NAD therapy may be a game changer for people experiencing these kind of health challenges.

Many health conditions may respond very well to NAD therapy:

-Lyme disease   -Multiple Sclerosis    -Depression   -Mood Disorders   -Dementia    -Fibromyalgia  -Chronic Fatigue   -ALS

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