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David Kotlarsky

Convenience and thorough care from a provider who cares.

PA-C David Kotlarsky is a patient caring practitioner with a proven record, knack for results and an ability to connect with his patients.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, David escaped the hustle and bustle of the busy city and settled down with his family in Las Vegas in 2014.

David Kotlarsky graduated from SUNY Downstate Medical Center in New York in 2012, with a BS in Physician Assistant Studies. He also holds a BA from Touro College which he graduated in 2008. David uses his diverse background and knowledge to help the thousands of patients he has treated over the past seven years. He specializes in Pediatrics, Family Medicine, Urgent Care, and Pain Management.

David attributes his success to truly listening to the patient’s needs, and takes the time to individualize a treatment plan. David will partner with the patient to manage acute illness, as well as chronic diseases, such as high cholesterol, hypertension and diabetes. Once a diagnoses
and underlying cause has been established, David will continue to tailor a regiment that will optimize the patient’s ability to control or even eliminate the condition.

David also has extensive experience with urgent care, which address the immediate need for medical treatment for non-life threatening acute illness. David understands the shortage of primary care physicians in Las Vegas and prides himself on addressing health concerns on a timely basis instead of in 5-6 weeks.  Illnesses such as Urinary Tract Infections (UTI), Strep Throat, or Influenzae (Flu) are best and easily treated if addressed in a timely matter before they can cause worsening or prolonged illness.