About LV Holistic Health

We are an interdisciplinary team of wellness practitioners and doctors that believe in working with our patients on a mind, body and spirit approach towards wholesome and sustainable healing, rather than simply chasing individual symptoms.

We have come together to form a uniquely powerful network of specialists because we believe that the health of our patients is far too important and complex to be approached only from a singular perspective.

We acknowledge that the body is self-healing and self-regulating. All of our practices constitute solutions that open up paths to healing by not only treating the client with sophisticated technology and advanced holistic practices but also by giving the client an imperative active role in his/her own betterment.

Our mission is to provide to each and every patient with the best-tailored combination of advanced healing methods that will not only improve their overall health but that will provide them with the tools necessary to lead a more powerful, enlightened and self-determined life.



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