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We are an interdisciplinary team of wellness practitioners and doctors that believe in working with our patients on a mind, body and spirit approach towards wholesome and sustainable health and wellness, rather than simply chasing individual symptoms.



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IV Therapy

Replenish vital minerals and vitamins with our restorative IV therapy!

Gentle stimulation of muscles, tendons and ligaments, reducing spasm, inflammation and strengthening tissue damaged by traumatic injury

Sexual Wellness

Restore or enhance sexual function with the O or P shot!

Chiropractors focus on the intimate relationship between the nervous system and spine

We use traditional blood labs and extensive blood panels, respiratory lab testing, saliva, hair, feces, urine, and fingernail lab testing to determine the root cause of why the body is malfunctioning or in distress

Patterns, colors, and other characteristics of the iris can be examined to determine information about a patient’s systemic health


Helps release blockages and viewed in the Hawaiian culture as energy flow that allows healing on the mental, emotional and spiritual levels


A light, skin stretching massage that is designed to help move lymph fluid back into remaining lymph vessels and reroute it out of your swollen limb


This time helps to focus the body and mind on the goal of the client whether that is healing the body, increasing self-awareness in order to create better habits, and increasing self-love


Whether you are in need of an extremely detailed diet, meal planning ideas, weight loss, or just tips to help you live a healthier lifestyle, your nutritionist will give you tools and knowledge on how you can achieve them through nutrition

Regenerative Medicine

Potentially avoid surgery with regenerative medicine that can enhance the body’s natural repairing abilities!

Medical Primary Care

PA Kotlarsky has extensive experience with acute conditions(strep throat, UTI, flu) or chronic conditions (diabetes or high cholesterol).

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